About Us

Delivering Beyond Boundaries: Alopex Couriers transcends the ordinary, providing unparalleled courier services that ensure your packages not only arrive on time but with the utmost care and precision. Since our inception in 2011 as a trusted contractor for leading corporations, we have embraced a significant evolution. This year heralds our foray into independent services, affirming our commitment to direct, exceptional delivery solutions.

Our Commitment: Affordability, advanced tracking, and superior service are the pillars of our operation. We are dedicated to fulfilling your shipping needs smoothly, ensuring each package is handled with the care it deserves. From urgent documents to sensitive parcels, Alopex Couriers is synonymous with reliability and efficiency.

Nationwide Reach through Strategic Partnerships: We’ve expanded our service areas to span across Canada, thanks to strategic partnerships with companies nationwide. This collaborative approach enables us to deliver your parcels to any location, ensuring no destination is out of reach. If you’re unsure about our coverage or have specific inquiries, our customer service team is always ready to provide answers and peace of mind.

Seamless Shipping Experience: Starting your shipment with Alopex Couriers couldn’t be easier. Reach out for an estimate or to kickstart the shipping process, and experience the ease and reliability that come with choosing us. We’re here to simplify logistics, making shipping a stress-free part of your day.

Why Choose Alopex? Opting for Alopex Couriers means selecting a service that extends beyond mere delivery. Our move to independent operations is driven by a desire to offer you a more personal, efficient, and accessible shipping solution. With Alopex, you’re not just sending a package; you’re ensuring it’s cared for every step of the way.

Join Our Journey: As we navigate this exciting new chapter, we invite you to discover the Alopex difference. To us, every parcel is a promise—a commitment to excellence we’re eager to uphold. Begin your shipping journey with Alopex Couriers today, and let’s set new standards in delivery together

Check in with us often, as we are always expanding our service areas and have plans to expand further across BC in the coming year.